Picking Out a Big Dog Breed

So you have decided to adopt a dog into the family. How exciting! For animal lovers, there is nothing more wonderful than welcoming a new four-legged friend into the home. Whether you plan to adopt for the first time or have owned a dog before, you may have a specific breed in mind. If you do not, though, and wonder which breed of large dog is right for your household, you will want to research your options.

Dogs will vary in personality, and you may find that certain breeds are representative of general behaviors and quirks. You may be attached to one type based on past interactions with the breed, but that type of dog might not work for your current lifestyle.
For families with small children: One concern adults may have about owning a dog is how he/she will react when a baby joins the family. Moreover, can a dog tolerate curious hands and crying? Friends and family may advise with regards to the best breeds to keep at home when small children are about, and you may here more often than not that Retrievers are a good choice. Labradors and Golden Retrievers can be playful, but will require training to get along with the little ones.

For couples or individuals who work full-time: If you are out most of the day, you may question having a pet at all, though a canine companion can provide some loving attention after long hours in the office. If you do not have a sitter or walker available to collect the dog for exercise (that is, you will rely on a dog door at home so your pet can do his business), you may wish to consider a breed that is not highly energetic. Greyhounds, despite an assumed disposition for speed, generally do not require great amounts of exercise and may work well at home.

For outdoorsy people: If you love to explore the great outdoors, you may want to share the good times with your pet. For hiking and walking, and camping in the woods, you’ll find a number of breeds well suited to the outdoor life. Collies, Labradors, and similar herding dogs are good to consider.
Whichever breed you decide upon to join your family, bear in mind that each dog is an individual. As such, you may choose a good breed to bring home, but you must establish a good relationship with your new friend. Take your time and consult with dog experts in your area before bringing one home.